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What We Do

TNHRHCC is a steadfast partner in tackling the unexpected.

We're here to empower healthcare facilities and partners in their readiness for, response to, and recovery from any disaster.


We also provide behind-the-scenes support to our event medicine partners at many of the major events in the Greater Nashville area! 


Build a stronger healthcare community with us!

Community-Wide Exercises

We coordinate and plan exercises to meet your CMS and/or state requirements.  

- Annual community-wide exercise for all healthcare and response agencies

- Tabletop exercises held throughout the year

- Additional community exercises may be held if the need arises

Training in Emergency Preparedness

Ever wonder what you need to do during a disaster?  We are here to help!  We teach you how to identify and mitigate gaps in your emergency operations plans and staff training plans to ensure patient and staff safety.

Assistance with Plan Development and Crisis Standards of Care

The coalition provides access to BOLDPlanning software that can help write CMS approved Emergency Operations Plans and Continuity of Operations Plans.  In addition, we have the availability to analyze healthcare partner vendors to ensure we are not overburdening the local system and to increase access to supplies during times of crisis.

Assets and Deployment

Healthcare agencies and response agencies have access to deployable assets in the event of an emergency.  Examples include:

- Restroom trailers

- Alternate care tents 

- Generators

- Communications

- and more!

Liaison to Emergency Management Agencies

The coalition works closely with our local Emergency Management Agencies to help ensure healthcare facilities are covered during a disaster.  We keep them informed of needs and supply additional resources and personnel as available to cover healthcare facilities.

Coordinate with Emergency Medical Services during Mass Casualties

We ensure EMS are notified of available hospital beds and up to date transfer information to provide efficient handling of offload times to allow EMS quick turnaround times.  We track patients to help provide support for family information centers for identification and reunification.

• Sharing information between HCC members and with other jurisdictional partners • Maintaining situational awareness • Sharing and coordinating resources • Analyzing public health and healthcare data • Coordinating patient movement and evacuation • Assisting with coordination of mass shelter operations • Tracking patients and supporting family information/reunification • Providing ESF-8 support to emergency operations centers

Our role as a response partner began with the

Administration of Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Hospital Preparedness Program. To learn more about the work of coalitions around the United States, visit ASPR's Health Care Readiness page here.

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