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Who We Are

The Tennessee Highland Rim Health Care Coalition is a non-profit emergency preparedness and response organization.  TNHRCC serves as part of Emergency Support Function 8 (ESF-8) in the National Response Framework for emergency management.  The coalition provides training, education, exercise and response assistance to all healthcare entities along with local Public Health agencies, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Emergency Management Agencies (EMA). 

Under Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Appendix Z, also known as the Emergency Preparedness Rule, medical providers are required to participate in emergency planning & exercises.  We help facilities meet these needs by hosting trainings & exercises as well as serving as subject matter experts in healthcare emergency preparedness. 

ASPR HPP Visual Org Chart
Our Mission

Our Mission

The TNHRHCC serves as a cooperative alliance of health, response, and governmental agencies for the communities of the region.  The TNHRHCC will support preparedness activities for response and recovery efforts during any man-made, natural, or technological disaster, by promoting intra-regional cooperation and sharing of resources to deliver coordinated and effective care to the population.


Our Vision

Preparing for disasters.

Training for emergencies.

Supporting local responses.

Meet the Team



Regional Healthcare Coordinator

Mac McCormick


Regional Healthcare Coordinator

Tabitha Hobson


Vulnerable Populations Coordinator

Marcy Downey

Executive Officers

Subcommittee Chairs

Executive Board Members

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